Name: Zoë
Age: ~10 years
Breed: ??
Color/pattern: Gray striped
Sex: female
Weight: ~12 lbs.
Nicknames: Zozo, Zo-zums, Chunky Monkey, Beauty Girl, etc.

Zoë is my little companion! We adopted her in January of 2018, and she had a lot of anxiety at first, but she's really warmed up to us. I'm so glad! She's very playful, and very sweet, and very beautiful, but also very weird! I love her so much!

Name: Edwin
Age: N/A
Breed: ??
Color/pattern: Brown striped
Sex: male
Weight: 19 lbs.
Nicknames: Eddie Spaghetti, Eddiekins, Big Eyes, Tommy Alfredo, Pumpkin Pie, etc.

We adopted Eddie in August of 2011, and we had to have him put down in April of 2019. I'll never forget him! He was the sweetest, most docile kitty ever! He was our best friend, and a true prince! I love you, Eddie!

Name: Luna
Age: N/A
Breed: ??
Color/pattern: Tuxedo (black & white)
Sex: female
Weight: 8 lbs.
Nicknames: Lulu, Tiny Paw, Diva, etc.

My family adopted Luna in the Summer of 1995. We said goodbye in 2010. She was very old, well over 20 years. I named her after Usagi's cat in Sailor Moon, which I was obsessed with at the time (still am, in fact). I love you, Luna!

My very first cat was Kitsy, but I don't have any photos of her on my computer because that's how long ago this was... We must've adopted her in 1989 or so. I remember a lady from my neighborhood coming to our door and asking if we'd like to adopt a cat named Kissy. I thought that was a pretty stupid name, so I proposed we call her Kitsy instead. She passed away in the Summer of 1995, before we adopted Luna. I don't remember many specifics about her, but she was a sweet girl. I love you, Kitsy!